Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cold cold saturday

Fun swing in Hansaviertel
Tiergarten market
Bought this lovely mini regal at Tiergarten market for 5 Euros, pretty happy about that
I took a nap for an hour and woke up to snow!!
My forth square towards a blanket

Friday, January 27, 2012

Good day. Friday

Cold cold day in Berlin, but spent walking thru Prenzlauerberg , gossiping with my friends Tinna and Aslaug and knitting whilst watching American crime tv.  Tomorrow the plan is to go to Tiergarten market. I just have to remember to dress well this time.


Thursday, January 26, 2012


Ok so i´m just gonna start this blog anew. New Title and new stuff.  The last ten days have been spent sick and bored. Pinterest, law and order and facebook games...
Finally picked up my camera today and took some photos of Isa. Then we fought. She hates when i take pictures of her and gets real cranky. The i felt really bad for fighting with a five year old and took her out for a walk and gave her a Barbie doll. It only cost about 5 euros but i am spoiling her rotten. At least she is playing with the Barbie now so maby it was worth it :)
I have a cold sore above my upper lip to challenge evry cold sore EVER!!
 Anyway my big plan for tomorrow is going to school. That is if they let me back in the class. 

I have actually taken up knitting and its so much fun!! I never could have belived how fun it is, i have found my inner crafts woman, finally :) I have knitted 3 scarves since the end of December and am now making an attempt to knit a big blanket. This is my inspiration.

I´m not using these colors but am making it in a patchwork-y style. My deadline is before Isabella´s birthday at the end of February. I know i can do it!! I already have 2 and a half patches made. 
I´ll keep u all posted.

And i have started baking. Cupcakes are my new passion and i´m trying to find the perfect recipe for yummy choc cupcakes. If you have one that is good, please share :)

I may blog again tomorrow, now that would be fun yes?

Here are some of the pictures i took of Isabella today, Enjoy ;)