Monday, March 22, 2010

Shoes etc.

Have i mentioned that i love shoes? Well i do, alot. I love shoes so much that i will go hungry for them, and trust me i have. I´m shallow i know but pretty shoes just get me every time. Last thursday i went to a opening party at my fav store/shoe store. Well lo and behold there i saw shoes that looked like candy, candy i tell you, dont belive me? Just take a look at these!!
                                                You can get them at

In other news..last week i spilled coffee on my beloved macbook pro. Sad sad moment but thankfully the computer is ok, it´s just the damn keyboard that´s broken. So all last week i was sans keyboard. But yesterday my mom let me borrow hers so i´m back..yay!!

The other day i went to the opening of a show called Álagafjötrar which is a collaboration of Photographer Saga Sig and illustrator/fashion designer Hildur Yeoman. If you happen to be in Reykjavik it´s must to check it out, it´s truly goosebump inducing.

Monday, March 15, 2010

just another manic monday

ohh i just wish it was spring already! Tomorrow i´ll start working on my final project, that is if i dont change my mind again. No i think this time i finally will stick to my concept. Today is one of those day's that i just want to be lazy on the couch and read Murakami. In some strange way Murakami always understand´s me whenever i have a bad day. Except that today i didn't read him, i watched E! Entertainment chennel and played braindead until i had to get up and  pick up Isabella from daycare.

Yesterday i had my first paid photoshoot of the year. It was photographing a sweet fourteen year old girl who is about to be conformed and her family. The shoot went well even though it rained almost the whole time.
                                              and ofcourse i took some photos of Isabella

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boots put to use

I finally had a breakthru today, regarding the concept of my final project. I´ve been trying to do something that just was not me and today while talking to my teachers i saw the light!! Finally!!

Isabella got to jump in puddles on our way to daycare today. Fun.
Now i have a really bad headache and i´m thinking about going to bed at nine p.m...eghh..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One pure thought.....

It rained today, it rained allot actually. Sometimes i hate the rain but today i loved it. I loved how the rain touched my face when i first went out this morning and how it made my hair wet and how Isabella jumped in every single puddle she saw on our way to day care. On a bad rain day i would have taken the bus to school but because today was a good rain day i decided to walk the half hour it would take me to get there.  And then because i have a bit of a spending problem (huge spending problem) i went to the mall and bought Isabella these most amazing yellow rain boots.
Then my sweet princess put on her Snow White costume and totally passed out on our couch. Very sweet indeed.

Monday, March 8, 2010


so i really really love the photos of space that Nasa have on their website and i´ve started using them in my own photos. I hope it´s ok and Nasa wont come knocking on my door.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My final project at school is taking all my time these days. I´m trying to make the concept that i´m working on come together and the whole look of it aswell. I took some photos of my friend Lilja yesterday and i was playing around with different ways of postprocessing , trying to get the look and feel that i´ll eventually have in my final project.

After that small photoshoot we walked around town in the pouring rain and looked at beautiful but too expensive clothes. Then we ate mexican, it was pretty good.