Saturday, February 27, 2010

I love saturday´s

Especially when i wake up early with Isabella and not a hangover in sight. Today has been spent, sewing together a dress that i bought second hand a while back but came loose at the seams , maybe  cause it´s a wee bit small for me :) Anuway i did that and then my good friend Bergthora came over and i took some photos of a character that she is making for school. It´s really cute see!
This is me Isabella and Bergthora

So it´s still snowing and i just took this out of my living room window 
Tonight my friend Hneta is celebrating her 30th birthday with a 20´s themed party. I´m really exited and now i´m off to make myself look like a 20´s vixen yay!!

Have a good weekend everybody!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

it had to happen

last night it snowed, it snowed and snowed and by god it´s still snowing. It´s not that i dislike snow i like snow. I like it in small portions and not when i think that spring is around the corner. Icelandic weather is schizophrenic to say the least. The weather was so bad this morning that i could not be bothered to walk my four year old to daycare. And know i´m dealing with one cranky four year old and no peace to study.
So the plan now is to take said four year old out walking in the snow and make her tired very tired and if i´m lucky she will nap when we´re home. Ohh that would be heaven, yes! It will involve a bribe to get her out of the house but , oh well a mothers got to do what a mothers got to do, right ?

off we go...

Update: Photos from the walk

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I just found this most amazing shop online and i´m about to burst i want everything they sell!! Sheesh!!

These curtains are to die for i tell you and that bedframe below !!



And they have shoes too!!

Chie Mihara

And clothes

Monday, February 22, 2010

four years and one week ago...

i looked like this!!
Waiting anxiously for the baby that was growing inside me. It´s so strange to look back and think that i had never seen her, that her constant presence in my life was about to begin and i had no idea what to expect, how she looked like and what kind of personality she would be born with. A week after this photo was taken i endured the worst physical pain of my life to push her into this world of ours and oh how that experience changed me forever. Suddenly i was responsible for a little life that just wanted me, needed me. Becoming a mother did for me what years of antidepressants never did for me, it gave me peace of mind and a sense of importance, a sense of worth.

Today she is four and oh how four is great, she woke up with a smiling face and even let me do her hair and that i tell you is a rarity almost unheard of in my household. I threw her a birthday party yesterday where  her little cousins and my friends and their kids came and gave her presents and ate cake. It was a fun day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Lost , lost lost...

Oh how i love lost. I usually pick a Tv show to become obsessed with each year and then my interest just fizzles. Not Lost. For 6 season i have ooh´d and aah´d over the phenomenon that Lost is. The fact that i get quite easily bored does not seem to apply to this show. I do know quite a few people who just could not watch it after season two and never even thought about going back. I pity them, they have missed so much. Because Lost seems to embody everything that good tv needs. Action, Love, lust, betrayal, trust, pretty people, ugly peolpe and ofcourse very, very good characters. And after what is it five years, i´m still totally LOST!

Today is Ash wednsday and here where i live we celebrate ash wednsday by dressing up in funny costumes and  just participating  general happiness, for kids at least. Isabella´s costume was Sleeping Beauty and she was so so cute.

Vogue 1939 - Horst P. Horst


1961, originally uploaded by myvintagevogue.

My vintage Vogue

1957 Joanna McCormick, originally uploaded by myvintagevogue.

I just found this brilliant flickr!! Check it out!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I finally remembered to bring my camera with me when i picked Isabella up from daycare today. Got some nice shots of her in the brilliant sunny weather. I´m a bit tired today, feeling kind of uninspired. I guess it´s just the usual February blues that everyone gets around here. I presented my idea for my final project yesterday and i just feel more confused than ever. ohh what to do, what to do. On a better note The Boyfriend is taking me and Isabella out for dinner in a few minutes, that will most defenetly cheer me up a bit..yay!!

New look

I like, do you like ?

Anyway i found a brilliant photographer whilst doing research for my final project. Her name is Holly Andres and is an American Photographer born in 1977. She makes these most amazing pieces of art. Just look!! Her website.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I just found this brilliant brilliant site through a blog i follow  and wow, just wow....i have to get me some of these wall stickers, they are amazing!!

You can get this one and lots and lots of different ones here

      I think i´ll most definetly get this headboard thingy above, YES!!

The last few day´s...

...Have mostly been spent redecorating. Who knew that i had a passion for decorating, at least not me. Now i´m obsessed, obsessed!! I have stalked design blogs like there's no tomorrow and now i am even dreaming about interior design god help me!
Anyway, today at school i had to present my idea for what will be my final project at LHI, and i found out from my teachers that i really need to narrow down my initial idea as it contains way to many aspects of stuff that really does not need to be there. So next up is a visit to to order books for my research. I think that if i´ll put my whole being into this it will be good, i mean common it has to be good, it´s my final project!! The final show is in late april so i do have some time to get it done.

here are a few photos from the last day´s....