Friday, March 16, 2012

Bubble tea and other things

I have a new favorite..Bubble Tea its so yum that i cant stop, i just cant belive that i have lived here in Berlin for 6 months without trying it, Bubble tea shops are popping up like crazy in this city, wich is good now that i cant stop drinking it.  My fav is Strawberry green tea with mango bubble.

Spring came today with warm weather and sun galore. We walked down to Lust garten and just laid there in front of Berliner dom and soaked in the sun, Isabella running around barefoot and me and Kjartan sunbathing. I so love this time of year, everything is coming to life and it´s always like a new beginning.

I didnt take my Camera with me today but i did take some photos on my Iphone .


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday stroll

I think spring is coming!!! On sunday the three of us walked around lovely Berlin, enjoying the good semi warm weather, looking at old pretty stuff at the market by Pergamon museum, walking around old mitte, drinking coffe and speilplatz chillin. I am so terribly weather obsessed that i think i check my iphone about 10 times a day for the weather. I think me coming from Iceland probably has something to do with it:)

Last night i finished knitting a red cape for Isabella, my inspiration came from here

But since i cant follow a knitting recipe to save my life i improvised and the final product looks like this

Not a great picture i know but we are planning on hopping on a train to Grunewald this Saturday if the weather forecast stays good and i´m planning on shooting a little story of Isabella wearing this cape, Cant wait!! It just better not rain.

Some pictures from the Sunday Stroll


A Bratwurst to end a good sunday



Thursday, March 8, 2012

My day with Marni

For the last month or so i have been obsessed with the Marni for H&M line to come to stores, I had my eye on this beautiful White collar. 

Its lovely..see!!

It was sold out in all the H&M stores in Berlin, every single one..cry!! 

I didnt really have the money to spend on it but i was willing to skip latte drinking for a few days.
So what does a girl do, well she buys her self some knee socks and is happy with that. Half the price and i do wear knee socks quite alot. 

I would have loved the whole outfit but i love the socks!

I had a day off school today so i took Isabella out walking, it´s sometimes like i have a dog, just kidding but Isabella still has no Kindergarten to go to so i try taking her out every day..blahh!! Anyway we took the train to Bahnhof Zoo and looked at pretty Easter stuff at Karstadt and had some icecream in the unexpected sun that we got.


 Baked fresh Aspargaus, baked potatoes with lots and lots of butter and salt and parmesan..yum yum!!

Pretty light in a messy room 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What do a Graphic designer, two flight attendants and a pilot have in common?

We are all Icelandic, have kids and live in Berlin. 

Today me and Isabella were invited to our friend Helena´s house for a beautiful lunch and afterwards we all went to a kindercafé  near Greifswalderstrasse . I think it´s called Balon cafe or in English Balloon Café. Anyways all the kids that go there get a balloon before they leave. Isabella loved that. 

Today was cold but good and i can sense that spring is right around the corner. 

Pictures from today:


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthday party

Last saturday we threw a party for Isabella´s sixth birthday...i made cupcakes and we had a good time. We had good Icelandic friends living here in Berlin come and Isabella was a very happy girl. I am so glad its all over, now i can stop worrying about being a good host and start waiting for spring to come and getting into my dream school. Fun times ahead indeed!!!