Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bitterly cold

So i thought coming from a country called Iceland would give me some experience with cold. Ummm no. I have to say that i have never in my life been so cold, ever. 
It´s almost -10 when i go to school in the mornings, and about -7 when i come home just after noon. Cold cold cold. I´m going to stop whining now :)

I have finally started going to school again, the January course ended today and the february one starts friday. I lost two weeks of school but it seems i have not missed that much, my German is still on the same level as the people who have actually been coming to class. 

I am very exited for this coming weekend for my best friend Lilja is coming tomorrow morning and staying with us for the whole weekend.YAY!! 
The next few days are going to be sooo much fun!!

Last weekend was good, Tiergarten market on saturday and Boxhagener market on sunday. Bought this seriously creepy doll for Isabella.

Creepy right?

and here are a few snapshots from the last few days

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