Monday, March 15, 2010

just another manic monday

ohh i just wish it was spring already! Tomorrow i´ll start working on my final project, that is if i dont change my mind again. No i think this time i finally will stick to my concept. Today is one of those day's that i just want to be lazy on the couch and read Murakami. In some strange way Murakami always understand´s me whenever i have a bad day. Except that today i didn't read him, i watched E! Entertainment chennel and played braindead until i had to get up and  pick up Isabella from daycare.

Yesterday i had my first paid photoshoot of the year. It was photographing a sweet fourteen year old girl who is about to be conformed and her family. The shoot went well even though it rained almost the whole time.
                                              and ofcourse i took some photos of Isabella

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