Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One pure thought.....

It rained today, it rained allot actually. Sometimes i hate the rain but today i loved it. I loved how the rain touched my face when i first went out this morning and how it made my hair wet and how Isabella jumped in every single puddle she saw on our way to day care. On a bad rain day i would have taken the bus to school but because today was a good rain day i decided to walk the half hour it would take me to get there.  And then because i have a bit of a spending problem (huge spending problem) i went to the mall and bought Isabella these most amazing yellow rain boots.
Then my sweet princess put on her Snow White costume and totally passed out on our couch. Very sweet indeed.


  1. That little girl is a beauty. Just absolutely perfection. :o)~ But I bet she has the same halo as Emily.. non existent.

  2. ah..ég hélt þau væru græn..lúkka svolítið græn á þessum myndum en á nýju "splash" myndunum þá sér maður að þau eru gul:P

  3. Fallegasta Mjallhvít sem ég hef séð.