Monday, March 22, 2010

Shoes etc.

Have i mentioned that i love shoes? Well i do, alot. I love shoes so much that i will go hungry for them, and trust me i have. I´m shallow i know but pretty shoes just get me every time. Last thursday i went to a opening party at my fav store/shoe store. Well lo and behold there i saw shoes that looked like candy, candy i tell you, dont belive me? Just take a look at these!!
                                                You can get them at

In other news..last week i spilled coffee on my beloved macbook pro. Sad sad moment but thankfully the computer is ok, it´s just the damn keyboard that´s broken. So all last week i was sans keyboard. But yesterday my mom let me borrow hers so i´m back..yay!!

The other day i went to the opening of a show called Álagafjötrar which is a collaboration of Photographer Saga Sig and illustrator/fashion designer Hildur Yeoman. If you happen to be in Reykjavik it´s must to check it out, it´s truly goosebump inducing.


  1. Elskan mín! Leiðinlegt að herya með lyklaborðið. Gaman að sjá skó en enn meira gaman að sjá myndir af Ísu. XXX Ingasm

  2. mig langar SVO í sumarlínu Kron by KronKron að mig verkjar í hnéin, hjartað og mallakútinn! eins og þessir sem þau settu í prófíl mynd á feisbúkk..með bleikuhækulum og svona turkis flaueli..mmmmm!