Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday stroll

I think spring is coming!!! On sunday the three of us walked around lovely Berlin, enjoying the good semi warm weather, looking at old pretty stuff at the market by Pergamon museum, walking around old mitte, drinking coffe and speilplatz chillin. I am so terribly weather obsessed that i think i check my iphone about 10 times a day for the weather. I think me coming from Iceland probably has something to do with it:)

Last night i finished knitting a red cape for Isabella, my inspiration came from here

But since i cant follow a knitting recipe to save my life i improvised and the final product looks like this

Not a great picture i know but we are planning on hopping on a train to Grunewald this Saturday if the weather forecast stays good and i´m planning on shooting a little story of Isabella wearing this cape, Cant wait!! It just better not rain.

Some pictures from the Sunday Stroll


A Bratwurst to end a good sunday



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