Friday, March 16, 2012

Bubble tea and other things

I have a new favorite..Bubble Tea its so yum that i cant stop, i just cant belive that i have lived here in Berlin for 6 months without trying it, Bubble tea shops are popping up like crazy in this city, wich is good now that i cant stop drinking it.  My fav is Strawberry green tea with mango bubble.

Spring came today with warm weather and sun galore. We walked down to Lust garten and just laid there in front of Berliner dom and soaked in the sun, Isabella running around barefoot and me and Kjartan sunbathing. I so love this time of year, everything is coming to life and it´s always like a new beginning.

I didnt take my Camera with me today but i did take some photos on my Iphone .


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