Thursday, March 8, 2012

My day with Marni

For the last month or so i have been obsessed with the Marni for H&M line to come to stores, I had my eye on this beautiful White collar. 

Its lovely..see!!

It was sold out in all the H&M stores in Berlin, every single one..cry!! 

I didnt really have the money to spend on it but i was willing to skip latte drinking for a few days.
So what does a girl do, well she buys her self some knee socks and is happy with that. Half the price and i do wear knee socks quite alot. 

I would have loved the whole outfit but i love the socks!

I had a day off school today so i took Isabella out walking, it´s sometimes like i have a dog, just kidding but Isabella still has no Kindergarten to go to so i try taking her out every day..blahh!! Anyway we took the train to Bahnhof Zoo and looked at pretty Easter stuff at Karstadt and had some icecream in the unexpected sun that we got.


 Baked fresh Aspargaus, baked potatoes with lots and lots of butter and salt and parmesan..yum yum!!

Pretty light in a messy room 


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