Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I finally remembered to bring my camera with me when i picked Isabella up from daycare today. Got some nice shots of her in the brilliant sunny weather. I´m a bit tired today, feeling kind of uninspired. I guess it´s just the usual February blues that everyone gets around here. I presented my idea for my final project yesterday and i just feel more confused than ever. ohh what to do, what to do. On a better note The Boyfriend is taking me and Isabella out for dinner in a few minutes, that will most defenetly cheer me up a bit..yay!!

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  1. Fallegar myndir af fallegu Ísabella. Húfan er geðveik og kápan líka. Fíla þessi liti mjög vel og græni liturinn í rólunni og bakgrunninum er mega næs.