Thursday, February 25, 2010

it had to happen

last night it snowed, it snowed and snowed and by god it´s still snowing. It´s not that i dislike snow i like snow. I like it in small portions and not when i think that spring is around the corner. Icelandic weather is schizophrenic to say the least. The weather was so bad this morning that i could not be bothered to walk my four year old to daycare. And know i´m dealing with one cranky four year old and no peace to study.
So the plan now is to take said four year old out walking in the snow and make her tired very tired and if i´m lucky she will nap when we´re home. Ohh that would be heaven, yes! It will involve a bribe to get her out of the house but , oh well a mothers got to do what a mothers got to do, right ?

off we go...

Update: Photos from the walk

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  1. haha ég er ekki bara frá því að þetta sé uppáhalds Grjótaþorpshúsið mitt sem þú tókst mynd af=) svo sætt