Monday, February 8, 2010

First fashion shoot tomorrow

So tomorrow i have my first real fashion shoot and i´m so exited I might just burst!! I will be photographing my friend Gigja Isis´s clothes.  Gigja Isis is a second year student in fashion at LHI and soon she will be selling the clothes i´m shooting tomorrow in shop´s in Berlin and Faroe Islands.

I´ve been scouting the internet all day for inspiration and i found these brilliant photographs by Steven Meisel. These photos are quite obviously inspired by the beautiful film In the mood for love.
So first watch the trailer and then look at the photos.


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  1. Ohh ég elska In the Mood for Love! og ég á einmitt þessar tímaritiasíður líka. Svo fallegt!!
    Áslaug Íris