Saturday, February 27, 2010

I love saturday´s

Especially when i wake up early with Isabella and not a hangover in sight. Today has been spent, sewing together a dress that i bought second hand a while back but came loose at the seams , maybe  cause it´s a wee bit small for me :) Anuway i did that and then my good friend Bergthora came over and i took some photos of a character that she is making for school. It´s really cute see!
This is me Isabella and Bergthora

So it´s still snowing and i just took this out of my living room window 
Tonight my friend Hneta is celebrating her 30th birthday with a 20´s themed party. I´m really exited and now i´m off to make myself look like a 20´s vixen yay!!

Have a good weekend everybody!!

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