Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Lost , lost lost...

Oh how i love lost. I usually pick a Tv show to become obsessed with each year and then my interest just fizzles. Not Lost. For 6 season i have ooh´d and aah´d over the phenomenon that Lost is. The fact that i get quite easily bored does not seem to apply to this show. I do know quite a few people who just could not watch it after season two and never even thought about going back. I pity them, they have missed so much. Because Lost seems to embody everything that good tv needs. Action, Love, lust, betrayal, trust, pretty people, ugly peolpe and ofcourse very, very good characters. And after what is it five years, i´m still totally LOST!

Today is Ash wednsday and here where i live we celebrate ash wednsday by dressing up in funny costumes and  just participating  general happiness, for kids at least. Isabella´s costume was Sleeping Beauty and she was so so cute.


  1. Æsðilegar myndir af litlu Þyrnirósinni. Skana þín úr skólanum sæta.

  2. Ég kemst ekki inn á bumbupajuna mína. Hvað er að frétta af afmælis kvísunni minni og mömmu hennar. Vonandi ekki lasnar skvísur. Kær kveðja Inga xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Svo flott afmæli. Láttu þér batna elskan mín, farðu vel með þig. Hlakka til að sjá ykkur í næsta afmæli og myndir úr prinsessuafmælinu. Þín IngaSM